Marketing in the Now

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In the past 10 years, we’ve seen a societal shift in how we publish, distribute and create content. This change in communication has transformed how marketers interact with their customers. Mobile is the latest stage in this evolution, requiring the development of contextual lenses to help understand customers’ unmet needs and the strategies to address them.
One distinction to be made with mobile is that the role of the media middle man, which has previously shaped the context for the product and brand interactions, is minimized or completely removed. Even more than traditional web, mobile is a direct relationship channel, one that brings us intimately closer to our customer and presents the opportunity to be much more integral and valuable in their lives.
As marketers, our ability to connect with customers depends on our understanding of this new context; looking at where, and how, we might deliver real value.
In this report, we will explore approaches that shift focus from the technology of mobile to customer-centric views that help us understand the physical, emotional and mental situations that surround mobile usage. This allows us to create mobile experiences that reinforce the brand, create customer delight and, most importantly, drive business results.